Hendrick Terbrugghen
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Hendrick Terbrugghen - The Concert I
Self Portrait

Hendrick Jansz ter Brugghen

(1588 - Nov 1, 1629)

Hendrick Jansz ter Brugghen, or Terbrugghen, (1588 - Nov 1, 1629) was a Dutch painter, and a leading member of the Dutch followers of Caravaggio - the so-called Dutch Caravaggisti.

Dutch painter, one of the earliest and finest exponents of Caravaggism in northern Europe. Born into a Catholic family, he grew up in Utrecht, studied there with Bloemaert, then spent about a decade in Rome (c. 1604-1614). On his return to the Netherlands he became with Honthorst the leader of Caravaggism associated with the Utrecht school.

A second journey to Italy (c. 1620) has been postulated, as his later works are generally more thoroughly Caravaggesque than his earlier ones.

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